Goat Snuggle Sessions

September Goat Snuggle Sessions:
Snuggle Sesh 9/9/17 @11:00am- 11:45 am

Animals have been proven to be a source of relaxation, calm and over all happiness. 
Goats are at the top of the list. 
Are you mostly interested in snuggling and playing with the goats at your pace and leisure? Do you really want to connect with the calming energy of our goats? Or run around and play as you please with the animals? 
This is for anyone who, for any reason (feeling down, loves animals, wants to get over the fear of animals, needs a stress/anxiety/depression reliever), wants to have more one on one time with our special goats. 
Snuggle Sessions can be booked as a special event or you can join one of our public sessions. Each public session will accommodate up to 7 people.
Sessions will give you the opportunity to feed the goats, play with the goats, and snuggle, pet and love the goats. 
Sessions are 45 minutes and will include some instruction from one of the Farms Goat experts at the beginning of the session. After the instruction, you just get your snuggle on.

Want to customize your own snuggle session? Contact us!!