Meet The Crew


These cute little ones make our Goat Yoga so much fun!!

June Bug:
June Bug is our newest Goat Family member. She is a first generation Mini Nubian. 
In her first class, she fell asleep in a students lap. She is so sweet!!
Rock and Rose:
These two are professionals at Goat Yoga.
They are brother and sister Pygmy Goats.
Rose is beige and looks like a mini deer. She is also Queen. You don't even have to ask her, she will let you know. 
Rock is beautiful calico and suspicious of everyone, unless you provide yourself as something for him to jump on. They LOVE to jump on everything.....Including YOU!
Levi is a Myotonic Goat (Fainter. Yes! THEY FAINT!!).
Levi is so sweet and a lover boy. He was born here on the farm this spring and he has a super sweet story. 
He was 1 of 2 twins born to one of our fainters, O-Rio (Dances on the sand). For some reason O-Rio rejected him at birth. Some times animals will do that with a weak or sick baby, knowing they will die. 
We could not bare the thought. We scooped him up and snuggled him at the same time that we noticed one of our other Fainters was going into labor. So, in a #miracleoflifeya'll moment, I took to our Boulter Farm Instagram account and did a live feed of our other mama (Bailey) about to give birth. 
Then we had the idea to see if our laboring mama (Bailey) would let Levi nurse, as we were pretty sure he had not been able to get the colostrum he needed in order to have a chance at life. 
We sat about 10 feet from Bailey and she walked up to us, sniffed Levi and started to lick him. We quickly put him to one of her teets and he started nursing and SHE LET HIM!! That is not common. We were so excited. After a few minutes, she retreated back to where she was laboring and gave birth to 2 baby boys. Right after the 2nd one was born, we put Levi in with the other 2 and within minutes, all 3 boys were nursing. Bailey adopted Levi right then. 
It was the most heart warming experience we have ever had on the farm. And, it was super cool that a handful of people were able to watch it all happen on Social Media.
Viv (Vivian): 
She is a Nigerian Dwarf and the sweetest little girl ever. She thinks I am her mama and she ALWAYS wants to be with me. She may try to crawl through the studio gate if I leave for a moment during class. She also likes to do tricks. Like, jump on my lap, to my shoulder and stand on my head.
She is all about the goat kisses. 


She is cuddly and curious and SMALL. She is a mixture of Alpine, Nubian and Pygmy (From what I can tell). She has the softest chin and blue eyes. She is ADORABLE. The first thing she did when I held her for the first time, was kiss me on the lips. 
We still kiss.


You guys. I have to keep an eye on Sugar all of the time. Not only when we have class, but whenever we have people over for any reason. Because EVERYONE wants to take her home. She is Glorious' twin sister, but she is TINY. She is the smallest goat I have ever seen at her age. She has the cutest brown eyes and LOVES to be snuggled.